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Risk Aversion - Is it fear or danger?

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

Avoiding risk has been traditionally viewed as a smart way to navigate our highly complex world. With discussions raging about artificial intelligence and its implications how can we think that our positions are safe.

Recently I was up late each night fearing and overthinking the job position I know I needed while realizing I was my biggest enemy. Being comfortable has costed so many of us unearthed opportunities but it feels good. On the other hand, operating in unknown territories creates a strange feeling.

I have learned that taking a risk to pursue opportunities outside of one's comfort zone will only strengthen you as a leader/professional.

Be mindful that taking no risks to pursue life's new adventures will leave you open to whatever others may have in store. I have decided on this day that I will not be afraid to jump out of an airplane called comfort.

Let the free fall take us from discomfort to success with new stories to share and lessons to acquire.

Although skydiving is dangerous it provides several benefits such as stress relief, strength development, confidence boost and mental toughness.



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